Visual & Digital Arts


T. St-Pierre practices performance art, drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, digital photography, sound art, experimental music and video art. The core of her art practice is installation work, often produced in collaboration with Philippe-Aubert Gauthier/ self-taught artist, PhD in acoustics and researcher in acoustics. Their installations mostly combine sculpture, digital prints, video and sound.


St-Pierre's artistic statement is based on questioning notions of representation and cultural artifact. In the beginning (2001 to 2008), her work was dedicated to the exploration of potential links between installation art and narrative strategies. After few years, her investigation of fiction brought her to a new approach to storytelling and fiction. This approach is now extracted from a determinist, fictitious, and diegetic proposition, and tends towards more conceptual and poetic propositions. Accordingly, one finds in her productions torned traces of stories and fictions.


Member of the duo Noïzefer CWU, St-Pierre also investigate sound and action in divers performance context. Noïzefer CWU work with an aesthetic language that can be aggressive, corrosive and poetic at the same time. This language involves wastes, construction, noise and speech to address questions of cultural alienation and social taboos.