Visual, textual and sound Installation / 2003-04

The Flying Baby is the 4th chronicle of “Absurdus Medecina Hospitalis” (AMH); a fictitious place where are born and live the chronicles which usually show themselves as installations or performances, mostly supported by writings, with a marked narrative character which preserves a strong adhesion with a logic of fiction.

The installation topics are related to liberty which grows from a scummy world invaded by violent and egocentric attitudes. The installation is a display of one of the last moments of the book, where a floating-in-the-air baby is born from a violent rape while the victim have been recuperated by the AMH staff. The installation puts forward a perturbing image of a free, but cadaver-like, baby flying above a bed.

The sound track and technical devices were realized by P.-A. Gauthier. The main installation is stuffed with acoustical resonance chambers which allow the radiation of sound by the surfaces of the installation and the loudspeakers without the system being visible (see the CD-ROM). The track is an assembly of atmospheres related to the narrative universe of this AMH chronicle; essentially produced as one would write in prose, a process close to a narrative, pervading writing. On this matter, the goal was here to use P.-A. Gauthier profesionnal and engineering knowledge in acoustics to create specifically designed and totally integrated cabinets for The Flying Baby sound diffusion.

Contrasting with current approaches of virtual art where the audience soaks in an immersion, the Flying Baby installation investigates immersion and spatial interactivity by the very simple means of emergence of the art work in a real space. For that reason the visual and sound constituents (objects and sound sources) coincide in space, thus corresponding to a source-oriented approach [1-3].

The Flying Baby project was supported by the Council for the Arts and the Letters of Québec.


[1] O. Grau, Virtual Art, 2003.

[2] J. Sterne, The Audible Past, 2003.

[3] P.-A. Gauthier, A. Berry, W. Woszczyk, Sound field reproduction in-room using optimal control techniques, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 117(2), 2005.



Photo credits: T. St-Pierre & P.-A. Gauthier

© Tanya St-Pierre & Philippe-Aubert Gauthier

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