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Sound performance at Mutek


curated by Eric Mattson


The Thursday night installment of ECTOPLASMES³ focuses on the spectrum of fragile music and the art of active listening. Once again, the emphasis on producing this particular strain of sound emerges from the conjoining of musicians and artists unfamiliar with each other’s approaches, who will follow a shared, minimalist goal to negotiate between their collective visions. BERNARDINO FEMMINIELLI, RANDOM TRANSFER, and JOSHUA BONNETTA join forces to manipulate a range of electronics, a Yamaha piano, and a Buchla synthesizer into conceiving an atmospheric drift. Second, a sound-art trio consisting of ÆLAB’s STePHANE CLAUDE, acoustics-theoretician PHILIPPE-AUBERT GAUTHIER, and percussionist DEBASHIS SINHA deconstruct a wall of sound into new and ever-evolving tones. Meanwhile JEAN-PIERREAUBÉ and HERMAN KOLGEN fashion a live audio-visual journey. Finally, Touch/Important recording artist ELEH creates highly minimal and deeply spiritual pure analog electroacoustic music with emphasis on tonal juxtapositions, bass tones and various acoustic phenomenon.


1182, Saint-Laurent Blvd Montréal, Canada


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